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end euthanasia of healthy dogs and cats in Florida!

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Our mission is simple - to end euthanasia of healthy cats and dogs in Florida. Our definition of healthy includes animals with treatable medical conditions.

Why Are We Needed

According to ASPCA US Pet Statistics, Over 7.25 million cats and dogs enter shelters in the US each year. Only 10% of these animals have been sterilized.  Approximately 2.7 million cats and dogs are adopted from these shelters annually. About the same number of cats and dogs in these shelters are killed annually: 1.45 million cats and 1.25 million dogs. The majority of these animals are healthy and adoptable.  The primary reason for killing these animals is overpopulation.

Our Plan

Our plan is to attack the problem of euthanasia  by providing support in a variety of ways to both local shelters and to the community at large. Our initial focus will be on:


  • Implementing a program in partnership with the non-profit organization, Operation S.O.S.,  to provide free spay/neutering of pit bulls and mixed breeds in low income areas.


  • Working with the non-profit Pegasus Foundation to support a collaborative TNVR program for feral cats in the 4 counties that make up the Treasure Coast.


  • Developing fenced feral cat refuges. We are working with The Pegasus Foundation and other organizations to design facilities that will have minimal impact on local wildlife - including but not limited to birds and Florida panthers.


  • Planning a Florida sanctuary for homeless dogs based on Territorio de Zaguates, "Land of the Strays," in Costa Rica. This location will be a base for community outreach and educational programs to teach about the importance of; spay/neutering your pets, adoption as opposed to purchasing dogs that come from puppy mills, and how to combat unlicensed breeding of animals in your own area.


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